Handymalware-Rootkit Attacks World Famous A-List Celebrity Websites

A new rootkit is being used by the construction industry in record breaking cyberattack.

Command to Remove Handymalware-Rootkit

There was a new rootkit found in Morgan Hill, California as Brian T. Gibbs who owns Skyline Entertainment & Publishing and Tool Shed Studios has botched the DRM of a high end studio album which was released on April 17, 2018.

The error was found by searching for the malicious keyword using the grep -r command. A construction industry based ASCII string was found in several binaries, processes, and core OS files. This is for a World Famous A-List Celebrity website, that is about as far from the construction industry as you can get.

Although it is possible that Sound Engineer Brian T. Gibbs might have done some construction work as one of his recording studios is Tool Shed Studios. When a World Famous A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo recorded a 10 track "A-Capella Pop" LP album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout Brian T.Gibbs did some small repairs on the record label to prevent the A-Lister from getting paid royalties. Brian T. Gibbs did the small repair work on the global superstar's album at Tool Shed Studios which is Brian's home studio in Morgan Hill, California. Brian T. Gibbs is a jack of all trades, and is very skilled at the trade of mastering music. If you are the world's greatest singer, or you just need something fixed call Tool Shed Studios and they will get the small repair jobs done. And if you ever stop by Morgan Hill, beware of Tool Shed Studio's Handymalware-Rootkit.

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The Morgan Hill Times and Morgan Hill Life blogs are unresponsive about the malware.

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