Joseph Carrillo

The Free-Speech A-List Celebrity


You better let me star in your movies, shows, and events.

I am famous, so if you still do not know me than either the media has blacked me out again, I was on TV when your screen was all black, or I was on TV during a power surge or blackout.

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josephwcarrillo likes media frenzy
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The official website of Joseph Carrillo, the Free-Speech A-list celebrity. Joseph Carrillo would really like to star in your movies, shows, and events. Joseph Carrillo sings, acts, performs in public. Joseph Carrillo is also the Famous Singer, Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, and Actor starring in the Music Videos "Don't Black Me Out" and "Don't Need School to be a Celebrity". Joseph Carrillo is one of the most talented celebrities and enjoys being challenged on stage in front of large audiences. The only way to prove talent is with large performances, competitions, and contests. You can not measure the talent of celebrities by money because money is not talent. The amount of money someone has is Not Applicable when measuring talent.

Joseph Whitfield Carrillo (born 1989-06-11 June 11, 1989) is an American Singer, Songwriter, and Actor from Santa Clara County, CA, who gained extensive media blackouts with his 2017 music video “Don't Black Me Out”. Joseph went on to release other songs; his latest music video, “Don't Need School to be a Celebrity”, earned more success. He currently uploads videos on his YouTube channel about various topics including Music, Acting, Satire, Vocals, and Special Events. The url of Joseph Carrillo's website is Joseph W Carrillo's email is [email protected]