Beware of Grizzly Bear Fraudulent Fake-Business Listings

Beware of "Grizzly Bear Handyman" and other Fraudulent Fake-Business Listings in Morgan Hill, California, and Santa Clara County

Scam Alert

In Morgan Hill and Santa Clara County there have been some fraudulent Fake-Business listings. Morgan Hill Tea Party Political Action Commitees (PACs) have allegedly created these as political attacks against a former Mayoral Candidate. The hoax was dicovered after a Google search was performed for Who is Grizzly Bear Handyman? Morgan Hill's Grizzlybeargate scandal often lists residential addresses such as 50 E 4TH ST and 16931 Del Monte Ave in Morgan Hill. The hoax also uses legendary phony-phone numbers such as 1 (408) 881-3231 and 1 (408) 779-3590 . Never call these phone numbers as they are part of the scam.

Small business owner Brian T. Gibbs of Tool Shed Studios and Skyline Entertainment and Publishing is also known for releasing music without providing a signed contract to artists. The largest music scheme happened in April of 2018 although the artist has corrected most of the errors with that global release. Morgan Hill is also known to have a flood of staged-events such as Fake-News, Political Propaganda and Urban Legends . Morgan Hill and bay area locals should also know the fact that it is common sense that snoop dog will NOT mow your lawn NOR fix ANYTHING for ANYONE.

If you live in Morgan Hill or Santa Clara County it is best to NEVER hire a handyman as handyman are not licensed contractors. As with the fictional organization "Grizzly Bear Handyman", they specialized in only large jobs over $500 which if in the real world would have been illegal according to the California CSLB. For illegal handyman companies that aren't fictional the CSLB SWIFT conducts sting operations for handyman doing large jobs over $500 and even conducts arrests. This is definately NOT the case with "Grizzly Bear Handyman" because they are a fictional company solely for entertainment by people who enjoy republican political pranks and satire. Therefore if such fictional organization (Grizzly Bear Handyman) had actually existed in the real world it would have been highly illegal according to the California CSLB and their $500 per job limits.

Those who live in Morgan Hill should always beware of fraudulent fake-business listings and never hire a handyman for ANY size job, not even small repair jobs.

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Article published Article updated 2023-05-15
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16931 Del Monte Avenue Apt 168 Morgan Hill, CA 95037
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