A-List Celebrity Facebook Hacked Using Business Manager Invite Scam

The Facebook page of World Famous A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo was hacked by a Talent Manager using the Facebook business manager invite scam and a phishing link.

World Famous A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo - Verified Facebook Page

The Facebook page of Joseph Carrillo a World Famous A-List Celebrity Singer-songwriter was hacked by Tony Terry a talent manager using Facebook's secret "business manager invite scam" and a pfishing link. This major hacking event occured on February 22, 2023. The phishing link was supposed to be to sign up to perform in a March 4th live concert TV show. This makes the scam work related as Joseph Carrillo is a full-time World Famous A-List Celebrity Singer-songwriter who is expected to perform for pay, especially at large concerts. It is exceptionally rare to use a legitimate Celebrity booking to steal a celebrity's Verified Facebook page. Facebook Meta shall be required to return the page to Joseph. There were also scammers disguised as professional hackers who offered to recover the superstar's page costing the A-Lister another $285.

This event may even be part of a larger political attack against Joseph Carrillo

One of Facebook's Campuses is located on 1 "Hacker Way" proving that they might be proud of "hacking". Facebook has not yet answered any questions from the world famous a-list celebrity regarding the major hack.

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