Celebrity Mayor to attend San Jose Halloween Events

A Celebrity "Mayor" is expected to be attending Downtown San Jose Halloween Events ahead of the November 2022 General Election.

World Famous A-List Celebrity Singer-songwriter Joseph Carrillo in a Mayor costume ahead of the 2022 General Election A-List Celeb Joseph Carrillo Singing On Stage

The Mayor has a 10 track A-Capella Studio Album called "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout". Celebrity Mayor Joseph Carrillo is one of the world's greatest A Cappella Pop singers and enjoys challenging performances such as singing, acting, and modeling. Joseph Carrillo was also an official candidate for Mayor in Morgan Hill, California during the 2016 General Election. The World Famous A-List Celebrity and Superstar is also great at public speaking and can win any debate. The 2016 Election was covered by Michael Moore of Morgan Hill Times, the same news editor that boycotted the "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout" studio album. The studio album made World Famous A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo more famous, public and notable than any Mayor could be. Joseph Carrillo has such high talent that he could sing at the debates. Although the FPPC may consider it a disadvantage to the other canditates who can't sing as good as Joseph. As for the downtown Halloween events where you can see the Celebrity Mayor up close & personal, one venue that has a stage and costume contest is said to have their halloween party on Saturday the 29th. The other smaller venues where the Celebrity Mayor might attend have planned their halloween party on the 28th. "Make A Cappella Great Again (MAGA). This election don't vote for Matt Mayhem, write in Joseph Carrillo instead."

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Article published Article updated 2022-10-24
Ultimate Celebrity Blackout Album Cover