Malware Removed from World Famous Music Album

Malware was removed from a World Famous music album. This is world record breaking fraud by Brian T. Gibbs of Skyline Entertainment & Publishing.

Morgan Hill Music Fraud Case

There was a new rootkit found in Morgan Hill, California. Brian T. Gibbs, who owns Skyline Entertainment & Publishing and Tool Shed Studios has botched the DRM of a world-famous studio album that was released on April 17, 2018. The singer-songwriter for the album is Joseph Carrillo a world-famous A-List celebrity that was scammed by Brian Bt. Gibbs.

Brian T. Gibbs, who is a criminal fraudster, responded by taking down the album and having the artist re-upload it. This caused more confusion as the 10 track studio album has 10 International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) with the malware, and 10 ISRCs without the malware. There are also three Universal Product Codes (UPCs), one is the original taken down one, the second is a GS1 UPC for the CDs, and the third is the new Distrokid UPC for the digital release without the malware. The official release date for the world famous A-Capella studio album is April 17, 2018, when the record deal was made with Brian T. Gibbs of Skyline Entertainment and Publishing. This official release includes both the malware-rootkit version and the non-malware version, even though the malware version was taken down and the non-malware version was reuploaded by the signed artist.

Fraudster Brian T. Gibbs has done work for the Morgan Hill Unified School District just like Gary Harmon. If you don't know who Gary Harmon is, here are some details about the case.

Here are the technical details of the Ultimate Celebrity Blackout

Universal Product Codes (UPCs)

Ultimate Celebrity Blackout - Published PUBLIC International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs)

April 17, 2018 Sound Track With Malware Without Malware
Don't Black Me Out QZ6KQ1800007 QZK6G2429225
It's Okay to Walk Barefoot on Stage QZ6KQ1800008 QZK6G2429226
Flood Me With Media QZ6KQ1800009 QZK6G2429227
Black Beach Cruiser QZ6KQ1800010 QZK6G2429228
You Dont Need School to be a Celebrity QZ6KQ1800011 QZK6G2429229
All Celebrities Are Self Employed QZ6KQ1800012 QZK6G2429230
I Sure Love Being A Celebrity QZ6KQ1800013 QZK6G2429231
For the Record QZ6KQ1800014 QZK6G2429232
The Screen Flashed Bright Green QZ6KQ1800015 QZK6G2429233
The Power of Publicity QZ6KQ1800016 QZK6G2429234
Reminder:This ISRC data is fully PUBLIC and does NOT violate anyone's "privacy".

Texts from Producer Brian T Gibbs regarding Re-Upload of Ultimate Celebrity Blackout Music Album to Distrokid

Morgan Hill Music Fraud Case Morgan Hill Music Fraud Case

This is a Guiness World Record Winning Record Deal, but rest assured the new version does not have any malware including the "Handymalware-Rootkit".

The Morgan Hill Times and Morgan Hill Life blogs have been unresponsive about any of the malware and have not even commented on the takedown and re-upload, including blogger Michael Moore & blogger Robert Airoldi. Both bloggers have a passion for the hobby of blogging. Although they have not had the courage to take on this massive malware issue, nor the April 17, 2018 release of the studio album "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout".

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