A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo's second E-scooter was Stolen

World Famous A-List Celebrity 's second E-scooter had disappeared in front of "The Haberdasher" Bar on San Salvador street on December 30, 2023.

Joseph W Carrillo Publicity Headshot

Joseph Carrillo's E-scooter was parked at The Haberdasher Bar on December 30, 2023. The A-List Celeb's Segway Ninebot E-scooter had mysteriously dissapeared while the bouncers were watching it. Normally things like this would normally be covered by the San Jose Mercury News Police Blotter. If there are no other police blotters available then simply look at the police report above. Joseph Carrillo's PR team is exceptionally busy with shows and doesn't have much time to write police blotters such as this one. Let's hope that next time a World Famous A-List Celebrity's E-Scooter is stolen that the San Jose Mercury News, Metro News, and or other reliable sources help cover the story.

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