A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo Endorses HTTP without the S

World Famous A-List Celebrity Endorses Public HTTP without the S, to disable the Fame-Police from using "privacy" as a censorship tool.

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War Declared on the Fame Police

The Safest Way To Disable Censorship Is To Disable "Privacy" Altogether

World Famous A-list Celebrity Joseph Carrillo proudly uses uncensorable public HTTP on his official website because an anonymous hacking group known as the was maliciously using SSL or Secure Sockets Layer to censor the A-Lister. The fame-police are an anonymous hacking group that hack world famous A-list celebrities and claim it is due to "Notability". Other members of the "fame police" even go as far as using "privacy" as a reason to censor public-figures. Public figures have no interest in "privacy" so the fame police's excuse is moot. World Famous A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo's anti-privacy campaign is off to a great start. Infact the superstar has even declared war on the Fame Police.

The Fame Police and the Fake Red Banners:
Using http:// instead of https can also disable some of the fake red banners used by "The Fame Police". The fame police are infamous from using these false-positives against the world's top singers, songwriters, actors, and models. It is advised that all public figures use unencrypted http to reliably connect to fans and disable censorship by the "fame police". HTTP is also way faster than HTTPS.

The experts know that public connections are more reliable and sturdy:
There are other sites that endorse http over https such as and . According to the "reliably insecure" connection can even uncensor wifi hotspots. One thing is for sure is that World Famous A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo will win the war against the .

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