A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo Declares War on the Fame-Police

World Famous A-List Celebrity Declares War on the Fame-Police over a 10 track studio album.

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War Declared on the Fame Police

Now the "fame police" must face the music.

World Famous A-list Celebrity Joseph Carrillo has been promoting his 10 track studio album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout full-time since it was released on April 17, 2018 by Brian T. Gibbs, who owns Skyline Entertainment and Publisthing as well as tool shed studios where the album was recorded. The album was a new genre and was released correctly, at least the studio said that the album was released correctly and is a public release. It still started to look like there was something fishy about that album and the way it was released. It is not like there is multiple ways to release a high end studio album like this.

The Fame Police and the Fake Red Banners
Self-promoting is hard enough, but there was another major problem "The Fame Police". First "the Fame Police" put up fake red banners on Wikipedia for no reason in 2018 after the album was released. The Wikimedia Foundation lied that the issue was "notability", but in reality Wikipedia had absolutely no reason to doubt that this superstar was notable. Lack of notability appears to be the biggest lie in history that the "Fame Police" could come up with and in fact Wikipedia's red banners are a totally fake blocking mechanism. In the real world the truth was that Joseph Carrillo is exceptionally notable. This large political debate between fact and fiction later caused the A-Lister to create a Wikipedia and Wikidata "mirror" to protect the truth. The "Fame Police" were hard at work hacking world famous A-List Celebrity Joseph Carrillo. Facebook also was playing political pranks with their "verification system". Facebook was trying to create a lie that Joseph Carrillo was a politician instead of a World Famous A-List Celebrity. Facebook was so mad about the verification dispute that they had hired a Talent Manager named "Tony Terry" to hack his Facebook page using the "Business Manager invite scam". Joseph Carrillo is still very busy fixing the Tony Terry hack and has created a VERIFIED Facebook "forked mirror" at classtools.net as his real facebook page until the other facebook's foobar page is fixed.

If you are interested in interviewing this talented Singer-songwriter about his music and performances or booking a performance, email josephthecelebrity@gmail.com or view his press kit at http://www.josephwcarrillo.com/press.html

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