Corrupt SJPD Attempted Entrapment on an A-List Celebrity over an E-scooter

World Famous A-List Celebrity 's E-scooter had disappeared at 55 South Bar on June 25, 2023. When attempting to file a report, It later turned out that there was a larger problem with the SJPD.

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Joseph Carrillo's E-scooter was parked at 55 South Bar on June 22, 2023. The A-List Celeb's Segway Ninebot E-scooter had mysteriously dissapeared while the bouncers were watching it. When the superstar attempted to file a report the San Jose police department (SJPD) emailed back after the temporary report saying "for segways and electric scooters they are considered vehicles. contact 4082778900 to report a stolen vehicle". This issue occured twice until it was determined that Joseph would have to come in to the police department to file the "Vehicle" type of report. It was later verified that the SJPD was attempting entrapment because the world famous a-list celebrity was not licensed to drive an E-scooter. Therefore if the A-lister had came into the police department he would have been busted for driving an E-scooter without a licence to drive the electric scooter. It was therefore determined that the E-scooter was confiscated at 55 South bar, and not stolen by some random thief.
California is currently the only state in the US to require a driver's license to "drive an E-scooter" (other states you "ride" an E-scooter like a bicycle). The driver's license law was a rider in California Republican Assemblymember Heath Flora's helmet bill which allows you to "drive" an E-scooter without wearing a helmet. There is no specific license for the E-scooter so you practice driving the scooter by driving a car, that is how Heath Flora wrote this ludicrous E-scooter "helmet bill" that replaces a "helmet" with a "license" and "ride" with "drive". Joseph Carrillo has also obtained a learners permit and is learning to properly "drive" the scooter. The world famous a-list celebrity is expected to take the behind the wheel test sometime in October. The "scooter" or "motorized vehicle" used in the test will have a V8 Gas Engine, four wheels, power steering, and an Anti-lock braking system (ABS). Scooters, golf-carts, cars, and large trucks are all "motorized vehicles" that require the same skillset to "drive". If you want to "ride" something in California instead of "drive" get a bicycle instead.

Besides E-scooters being Motor Vehicles in California just like trucks, there are also some other things to announce such as some hollywood world records involving another Singer-songwriter.

Celebrities who performed the longest before learning to drive

Lady Gaga got her license at age 30 while Joseph Carrillo is 34

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