A-List Celebrity's Black Beach Cruiser Stolen

's Black Beach Cruiser was stolen while the Star's bike was parked on his front porch and or deck.

Joseph W Carrillo Publicity Headshot
Black Beach Cruiser
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Celebrity Bicycle
Celebrity Bicycle

Joseph Carrillo's Black Beach Cruiser bike was parked on his front porch when an unknown person cut the thick cable and stole the iconic vehicle. The A-List Celeb's Black Beach Cruiser was locked to the front porch of his house in Downtown San Jose. Here are some photos of the cut cable.

Celebrity Bicycle
Celebrity Bicycle
This seems reminiscent of a 2010 political prank on Joseph Carrillo

Although a seperate event this incident is reminiscent of a political prank that happened in Morgan Hill California during the 2010 Election. During the 2010 political prank the Morgan Hill Police had stolen Joseph Carrillo's police bicycle. Morgan Hill City Manager Ed Tewes then asked Morgan Hill Police Chief Bruce Cummings to return the bike to the Morgan Hill City Council candidate Joseph Carrillo.

Although this is an A-List celebrity bicycle in San Jose and not a police bicycle in Morgan Hill, the world famous A-list celebrity may still be politically targeted. No matter if Joseph Carrillo is a politician or a World Famous A-List Celebrity, a political prank is still a political prank. If the police stole the bike they shall be required to return it.

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