A-List Celebrity Drugged

A-List Celebrity Drugged

The World Famous Ultimate Celebrity Blackout star Joseph Carrillo was drugged several times.

Joseph W Carrillo Publicity Headshot

World Famous Celebrity Joseph Carrillo was drugged once at The Hill and twice at Boxseat Sports Bar and Grill.

On Friday April 9th, and Sunday April 11th, at the Boxseat Sports Bar and Grill the drugs appeared to be in a Kelly Brew Company "A-Lister" Belgian Blonde Ale. In a YouTube Livestream you can see a white ring slightly below the rim of the glass. In the Livestream the A-list celeb was proudly promoting and enjoying the A-lister Ale.

On the night of March 23rd at "The Hill" the mystery drugs appeared to be in a "Long Island iced tea". No other news outlet has yet reported where the mystery drugs have originated or how they got into the high end drinks. If it was a Celebrity publicity stunt it was a far more creative stunt than Katy Perry having a Blacked Out Blurr Last Friday Night, and should go more viral than Rebecca Black's Friday music video and Friday Remix, TGIF.

Joseph Carrillo must really enjoy paparazzi and news coverage as he is willing to get drugged just to get more publicity. I hope the third party news media starts doing more outstanding reviews on the A-list Celeb's "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout" studio album as well as his other albums and songs.

If you are interested in interviewing this talented Singer-songwriter about his music and performances or booking a performance, email josephthecelebrity@gmail.com or view his press kit at http://www.josephwcarrillo.com/press.html

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