Joseph Carrillo is A World Famous Celebrity and No Longer A Local Politician

Joseph Carrillo is A World Famous Celebrity

After April 17, 2018 when the Studio Album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout was released Joseph Carrillo does not intend to ever run for local political office.

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Instead the World Famous Celeb plans to keep performing and Self-promoting full-time. Joseph Carrillo also has no plans to ever change carreers again nor get any day job. As a full- time Celebrity, Singer-songwriter, and Actor Joseph Carrillo is officially advertised and branded as an A-list Celebrity and performs official celebrity endorsements for profit. Joseph Carrillo is also formally soliciting investors who sponsor large shows and Celebrity performances. Joseph Carrillo is therefore not being satirical about his A-list Celebrity Status.

How such a World Famous Celebrity is lacking reliable third party news coverage.

The Morgan Hill Times was covering Joseph until the day he released the world renowned Studio Album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout which was officially released on April 17, 2018. The editor Michael Moore and the paper then proceded to maliciously "blackout" the world famous celeb by failing to publish and not acting as a secondary source to the officially copyrighted Studio Album and Joseph's new full-time permanent career. Joseph Carrillo continues to self-promote his public persona online using special high traffic news features and advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in attempt to solicit investors and fans to sponsor his large public performances and buy his official merchandise. See more on Joseph's Celebrity Wikipedia Page.

Note: is no longer a reliable source.

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