Facebook Censors Famous Celebrity from New Facebook Search Feature

Facebook Censors Famous Celebrity Joseph Carrillo

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Facebook Censors Famous Singer-songwriter of the Studio Album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout, from Facebook's New Search Feature.

Facebook censored the Famous Singer-songwriter of the Studio Album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout, from Facebook's new search feature using Wikipedia. Famous Celebrity Joseph Carrillo has been censored twice in the last two years by the Wikimedia Foundation which owns Wikipedia acording to this 2018 news article http://www.josephwcarrillo.com/news/2018/12/19/UltimateCelebrityWikipediaBlackout.html and this 2019 news article http://www.josephwcarrillo.com/news/2019/12/03/wikimediafoundationtriestocensorfamouscelebrity.html. Wikipedia is also not a "Factual" Source and therefore Facebook's internal search is no longer reliable. Facebook is a social media company not a search engine, therefore it is best to use a real search engine to lookup content instead of facebook's internal search. Joseph Carrillo has knowledge panels on all public search engines but not on Facebooks internal search because Facebook censored it. It is also a well known fact that Joseph Carrillo is an extremely famous and notable Celebrity.

Facebook has not yet responded to any questions. Here is a link to the Unanswered Question and here is an Uncensored Mirror of Joseph Carrillo's Facebook Knowledge Panel For more details on Facebook's Pilot Program see TechCrunch Article.

If you are interested in interviewing this talented Singer-songwriter about his music and performances or booking a performance, email josephthecelebrity@gmail.com or view his press kit at http://www.josephwcarrillo.com/press

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