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Original Music by Joseph W Carrillo Famous Singer of the (A Cappella, Pop) Music Album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout

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Joseph W Carrillo's new "A Cappella, Pop" LP Album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout was officially released April 17, 2018

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Don't Black Me Out
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You Don't Need School to be a celebrity
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Joseph W Carrillo Publicity Headshot

Joseph Carrillo, the Famous celebrity. Also known as Joseph W Carrillo.
Joseph Whitfield Carrillo (born June 11, 1989) is an American Singer-songwriter, and Actor from Santa Clara County, CA, who created the 2018 "Pop, A Cappella" LP album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout which went viral on social media sites. "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout" is about preventing media Blackouts and censorship while promoting free-speech and free-press. Carrillo has also released music videos which he starred in including "Don't Black Me Out" and "Don't Need School to be a Celebrity" he currently uploads videos on his YouTube channel about various topics including singing, and acting. Joseph Carrillo is one of the most talented celebrities and enjoys being challenged on stage in front of large audiences. The only way to prove talent is with large performances, competitions, and contests. You can not measure the talent of celebrities by money because money is not talent. The amount of money someone has is Not Applicable when measuring talent.