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Famous Singer-songwriter of the (A Cappella, Pop) Music Album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout

Actor starring in Don't Black Me Out and You Don't Need School to be a Celebrity Music Videos, as well as other notable YouTube Videos.

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Joseph Whitfield Carrillo (born 1989-06-11 June 11, 1989) is an American YouTuber, Singer, Songwriter, and Actor from Santa Clara County, CA, created the 2018 "Pop, A Cappella" LP album Ultimate Celebrity Blackout which went viral on social media sites. "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout" is about preventing media Blackouts and censorship while promoting free-speech and free-press. Carrillo has also released music videos which he starred in including "Don't Black Me Out" and "Don't Need School to be a Celebrity", these A Cappella videos have very high quality Vocals. The url of Joseph Carrillo's website is Joseph W Carrillo's email is